World of machines

Writing this text on my computer isn't much different now then writing this on typewriter 50 years ago. The only difference is that I can throw it away on the digital sidewalk without throwing much money to do so.

Everyday news try to prove to the world that start of new life or protecting life is important but it's not giving any meaningful prove of importance. That's what we are told in schools that any life is important but not giving us information that eating and surviving on this world comes with a price.

No news about people died in accident or survived it is taking about actual people but it's more likely giving subjective opinions of so called experts trained by the education system. Yet those experts are more or less humans as me or person reading this story. Those experts gained their titles because someone established those titles and now nobody is questioning those are good or bad. I don't know anything personal about those experts other than some title of some imaginary establishment. Do I know anything about the person who is reading the news on tv station, moreover what do I know about person who wrote those news ? Do I know anything about people playing role in this movie other then reading some stories from people who follow those people ?

You can tell me that there are other types of filmography called reportage. But are those types any different, calling some experts talking to people about their problems and giving this flat information. No depth, not much emotions.

Living in information world there is no information given to average human today at all. Information is mostly machine generated populistic shit anyone can connect to for 1 or 2 minutes that can't connect to any particular personality.

More important than news are sweeps from up to down or right to left.

News are trying to keep people in bubble, whatever the bubble is, it's not real. Social platforms are advertisers that try to prove that being and looking young is good. Being rich is good. Being healthy is good just because some successful person you don't know anything about besides numbers on it's pay check or beautiful clothes that's he wearing is eating healthy and doing good to himself. Some other narcissist egoistic prick is writing about it to bring up some indicators of human factor so some people can make money by investing other people money.

Nobody is questioning what good really is. Nobody is questioning that evil besides being wrong sometimes might be better than good. Everyone agreed and everyone knows, talking about "bad" things is wrong, cursing is wrong, hate is wrong love is good. But why is hate wrong and love good nobody explains.

Philosophy is hard but philosophy is life.

Nobody asks those questions cause they involve speaking as a person, giving something from personality to the community and nobody cares about it. It's easier to make a "movie" on some social platform and let the "community" decide. It's hard to read the reports and ask smart questions about the future. It's hard to find any interesting article or news that are not censored today. Any news that are controversial and talking different then we think it's ok to follow. Original content is barging for existence.

Technology totalitarianism of machine generated content are bringing us - people - so close to hell right now that we can't even imagine the repercussions of this. We care about privacy but this double edged sword is giving more freedom to people managing this privacy and taking privacy from us. Actually anti privacy movement is now knocking to break into every person house and lay in their beds. Ability to kill private small businesses is more and more easier now than before. Just one bad day of a person in the restaurant can result of many bad reviews. Praising machines is more and more valuable, machine driven cars, machine driven content, machine answering questions asked, machine picking numbers or tracking our movement in the internet. Laws that are trying to fight those machines are making those machines and systems more and more powerful.

Where is human factor in all of this ? Is it now only flesh born to earn for a living and provide more slaves to this machine driven system ? Poorly developed countries are now more human then highly developed ones. We are more and more prising machines but do people who make the laws really understand how machine works ? What is a machine and what's the purpose of this creation ? Do we really simplify our lives by giving machines all this power or do we simplify machines world and complicate average people lives ? I think nobody really cares about it anymore. Conformism made us fighting so much for our own position that we are not looking around anymore. Nobody cares about impact of a button but gives the power to the "community". But is it human community or machine community, who cares, more important are the growing numbers on a pay check or statistics that try to prove we are doing everything right and we are all ok. What if those statistics are lying ? Will the time tell the truth about good and evil fighting in the technology world ? Nobody knows that, nobody knows if humanity will survive its own creations or this civilisation will fall as previous ones did.