New is better

So here I am 2017 year reorganising stuff for more content.
There is now only running on docker container behind nginx as load balancing proxy.
I removed all

I will sum up history of this site: First I made simple blog using django there. It took me 2 hours of setup, but was spammed in comments by boots after first post. I still have this database with over 55000 comments under this post.

So I created custom blog using reactjs on frontend and tornado on backend. All was working using REST API. I even managed to make some smart text editor using draft. But it was still much unfinished project.

Recently it turned out that after 18 years google is still unable to index javascript. Shame on You. As a result all history of this blog was removed from google sigh.

So today I decided to move 'everything'. Well roughly 3 blog posts to ghost on my local computer by running it on docker. And see how it's performing.

It surprisingly worked well and I was able to do custom theme no different from old blog in 4 hours.

Then I exported docker container and imported it on this host as image.

I wrote some drafts on medium and on linkedin but I never published them. I am not confident to publish on third party platforms. They often got some publish policies I don't understand and sometimes got aquired by companies I don't like. I tried some twitter but it's not giving me more then 255 characters dude and this is already 400 words.

As during those years I've seen lots of technologies to come and go. Most of them nobody remembers now but are still used somewhere in corporations.

Still my content on my site is what I think it represents me only, nobody can take it down for whatever reason. Nobody will decide under shut doors on top floor in the corporate suits that they will change policies and leave me. Whatever...

Hopefully since everything is back on track and I have great new blogging platform now. I will try to write more.

Working by creating platform for writing and not writing was not what I meant this site for.

I still need to improve my poorly english writing skills so chill.

Last blogging session - I don't remember it now. But it was for 2 years from 2010 to 2012 now it is 7 years later.

Things TODO here are comments probably and some ssl certificate from letsencrypt. Since I see my previous trusted free certificates from startssl are now not so trusted due some aquisitions... ehhh those corporations that know what's better for me. This needs to be separate post.

So what I will be writing here about ? New stuff, top of the edge technology. But who knows, stay tuned.

Let's get this party started.