If technology was a person - technology people

What if we just forget about today's world and assume our phones, tools, cars, operating systems, word processors all of this is technology that is one person. The only problem with this person is that there are three of them yet we call it as one - simple technology. Well there are believers that exalt hardware over software but we need software to run on hardware to see the data. And the data is the weirdest one. We can send and receive data, measure data, modify data but we cannot see it without technology. Without that mighty pie charts, pivot tables and animated beautiful presentations. Finally when we see technology, there won't be any of technology without people using it and there won't be so many living people without technology.

So technology was created based on how people look like yet people are moving and behaving like technology want them to.

Let's start from the people then, cause there are many prising technology freaks out there. The biggest freaks are those that belief in technology, so they created religion where technology is only answer to their problems and questions. When they feel bad they seek their diseases using technology brain internet and access it by so called search engine. When they are lost they ask technology communicator interfaces that they always have with them about route. The technology is so important for them because they can always ask it for help or talk about their life. It always listen and try to help. Technology is good for them because it doesn't feel offended, is always awake, and it feels so personal. So if they come home at night drunk and angry because whole world is against them they can beat frustration out of technology and nobody will do nothing about it. The day after the technology will not ask questions about tomorrow but will serve them like nothing happened.

The worst of people amongst those believers are extremists that give You technology for free, they give You free internet so You can use it, addict to it and become part of their worship. Be in constant touch in technology is their goal. They are like sect, they always tell you that it will make Your life easier, that it will solve all your problems. Technology for them have no flaws, if somehow technology talking interface break that is always Your fault because You didn't use it properly.

There are also technology crusaders that fight with technology outlaws. They even convinced governments around the world that you cannot have money without technology. You need to talk to technology so technology can reply what You told to IT to Your friends instead of You talking to Your friends directly. You need technology to access your bank account, to run company, to pay taxes. So people need to waste their time to learn how to talk with technology to make money to pay for being able to live where they were born instead of live their life as they want to, make money if they want to and talk with technology when they want to. Crusaders want everyone to become technology slaves. So no one can talk to each other, do something without technology and there won't be any other technologies besides the right one.

There are also clairvoyants that talk trash to wealth and powerful people using technology answers. They know how to access technology in the clouds to do so. They learned how to ask technology many questions at once using specific code called map reduce so technology can give one answer to those questions. Then they then make those animated and beautiful presentations how technology helped them answer those stupid questions so they can hire technology again to ask it more questions. The problem is there will be always questions, and there will be always answers, and there will be always stupid people. They are also very powerful like crusaders so governments started asking them questions like how many people paid tax this month? how many people will die in car accidents today ? How many technology talking devices was sold this month ? The number of questions and answers are infinite.

There are also technology terrorists. They got drunk with technology so technology told them some of their flaws. With those informations they can obey rules with people to technology glowing interfaces on this world. So people thing technology will answer questions they ask, but in reality those questions are answered by terrorists. Some people belief that terrorists already chosen one president on this world because they talked to so many people and tell them so many false answers so they voted against their will.

There is last people that are now growing their power exponentially each and every year. They call themselves bankers but I will call them data worshipers. They try to convince all the people that technology talked data written in special way so nobody can modify it without knowledge of majority has so much worth they already sold billions of dollars of it to those stupid people. They assumed everyone on this world is pure egoist and there are no two people on this world that can trust each other. They sell it as a currency many times but with different names so when it gains worth there will be always less worth currency so they can persuade poor people to buy it and tell them they become rich. They also want other people that they cannot sell anything to work as miners so they can buy cheap data from them and sell this data to poor people. And like always they got percent from sale, and are safe from this data.

Those were some of the most dangerous people that talk with technology but don't forget about middle class and ordinary one that talk with technology. Because if there is less people that don't talk to technology there is less people that technology knows nothing about. Since all the data is around us in the air and we only need brain interface to talk to it, there are also plans to put those glowing devices on our eyes in our skin or brain. For now they started by trying to put technology into every mechanical device we know. So our washing machine, fridge, light, car won't run without technology. The problem is that each year I need more advanced, talking technology device. Because technology like we humans, grow during all those years, it grows so fast all old talking devices are already obsolete before you buy it.

On top of middle class are technology direct talkers. They talk to technology directly just like terrorists but they have their moral beliefs or are not so fluent in technology speech to become ones. They use special language called algorithms to ask questions to technology. Because those questions are mostly asked by corporations, run by bankers, clairvoyants or even terrorists there is mostly need more then one technology talker to arrange algorithms to ask specific question. This question mostly need to look good so there are also some technology makeup guys involved in making it. I won't dig into those questions for now, because it is a very different story.

Then there are technology users that work like ants or bees. They are asking same already prepared questions to the technology everyday, unable to ask own questions because they don't know technology language. The problem with those questions is that they always get different answer for their question in different time. But they don't bother why, because they worship more their family then this stupid job for corporate employer. They are paid well enough so they don't resign from this stupid meaningless job, so they are perfect for this also because, they don't ask difficult questions to their boss. Even so their boss don't have this answer, also his boss don't have it, so why they are doing this job five days a week eight or even sixteen hours a day ? Nobody knows and those people are only small cog in big corporate machine. They are blinded by fact that they can be promoted to become boss some day. Those questioning people also know the promotion ladder so they know if they do their job, without asking what the hell I am doing here, after twenty years they will be earning double what they are earning now.

Last but not least class is poverty people that are majority of this technology dominated world. The technology rule their lives everyday, they stop when technology shows red sign, they clap when technology says clap, they laugh when technology shows movie with laughter. They buy products that technology advertise to them. They do that because of different reasons, sometimes because of their personalities that won't allow them to stand on top of this technological farm, sometimes because they were born in poverty and nobody had knowledge, time or money to teach them basics of talking with technology so they could become middle class. Most of them are good and helpful people, they don't know why and when the world become so obsessed with technology. But they also use it, because they get it when they want to call their friends, or talk to their families. They were crusaded by technology worshipers. On top of those are many of technology junkies, that work hard to get new technology talking device so they feel better, but they don't know why. Many of them want the technology that is grown on fruit trees, this is their so called entrance to the paradise, nevertheless this technology looks like someone took a bite from it. They wait for new grown on trees technology talking devices every year on the streets to become first to talk to technology with those.

Those were most of the persons but there are many more of them. I didn't wrote about question answer devices, hardware and software. Not much about technology character that is more complicated then we all think.

I hope it was entertaining and reading this in english didn't hurt to much. And remember all of above is just a fantasy, so don't care to much. ;)